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HR File Preparation


Specialised Cloud-Based HR And Recruitment Systems

Skilled Workers Cloud is an innovative UK regulated skilled HR-tech company that specialises the business to assist- complied with businesses legal compliances and HR systems in the UK.

We are in a combination of Skilled HR compliance team and Technology based company to deliver superior business results for our clients. Expect fast, efficient, and personalised human resource management services from SKILLED WORKERS CLOUD.

HR Policies and Procedures

HR policies and procedures are designed to safeguard that an organisation’s workforce is properly managed and that employees are treated lawfully. They include a description of principles, rights and responsibilities for managers and employees. They cover issues such as recruitment, functioning management, regulation, discipline, grievance procedures and sickness absence.

Who Develops HR Policies?

Human resources professionals or HR department play a role in developing and formalizing company policies and procedures. However, some companies may have a separate team or individual responsible for this task. The development of HR policies and procedures should have participation from managers and employees.

Why Is It Important to Have HR Policies?

HR Policies and procedures are an important part of any organisation because they play a key role in supporting fairness and consistency across an organisation, as well as potentially helping to compliances with legal procedure and to protect the organisation against legal claims.

Having these policies in place helps ensure that everyone is on equal footing and that there is a level of consistency within the company.

The HR File Preparation Service

  • Evaluate organisation’s HR and recruitment systems to comply with Regulatory duties.
  • Helping organisations to achieve their sponsorship duties by using SWC-HR.
  • Support organisations to adopt best practices related to HR policies i.e. Recruitment, Home Working, Flexible Working, Discipline, Grievance Procedures, Equality & Diversity, Inclusion, Working, Hours, Pay and Wages, Pension, Leave, Holiday and Sick Pay Policy.
  • Recommend correct actions and follow up supports.
  • Create awareness among employers and employees to record and report Changes of Circumstances.
  • Full training given on how to use the SWC-HR.

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As part of our HR file preparation service, we assess your company's hiring and HR procedures to make sure sponsorship obligations are being met. We promote the implementation of best practices linked to HR policies, evaluate and update employment contracts, suggest remedial measures, raise awareness about reporting changes of circumstances, and offer comprehensive training on SWC-HR in order to help fulfill these tasks.

All sizes and sectors of businesses can benefit from our HR file preparation service, but UK-based businesses looking to maintain legal compliance as well as best practices in HR administration and hiring stand to gain the most.

Our distinctive blend of cutting-edge technological solutions and in-depth knowledge of HR compliance makes our HR file preparation service stand out. We guarantee that our clients' HR and recruiting processes are not only compliant but also optimized for better business outcomes by offering them quick, effective, and individualized services.

We help companies meet their sponsorship obligations by assessing their hiring and HR practices and making sure they are compliant with the law. In addition to streamlining the sponsorship process, our SWC-HR system offers guidance, training, and assistance to guarantee seamless compliance.

Indeed. We customize our HR file preparation solution to each organization's specific needs. To guarantee optimal efficacy, we collaborate closely with our customers to fully grasp their unique HR goals and issues. Then, we tailor our services to meet their needs.

Our clients receive continuous assistance from us even after the HR file preparation procedure is finished. When it comes to HR and recruiting compliance, our staff is here to help. We can give extra training, answer inquiries, offer advice, and help with any other issues that may come up.

We follow stringent security and confidentiality guidelines while preparing HR files. To protect sensitive HR data and guarantee adherence to data protection laws, our team makes use of access restrictions, secure storage systems, and encrypted communication channels.